Week 6: Raw Footage to Tracked Motion Pipeline

  1. Determine best footage to use
  2. Trim/edit footage to remove extraneous frames
    • Alt/Option+[ and ‘b’ to set in point
    • Alt/Option+] and ‘n’ to set out point
    • Trim Comp to Work Area
  3. Warp Stabilize Footage if needed/desired
    • if a Warp Stabilize is added, then a Precomp is necessary
      • Composition > Pre-compose > check “Move all attributes into new composition” > OK
  4. Track Camera and determine target triangle
    • Create Null and Camera, or alternately
      • Create Solid and Camera, or
      • Create Text and Camera, or
      • Create Shadow Catcher, Camera, and Light
  5. Import an animated sequence that will be trackedĀ and make it a 3D layer
  6. Select the pick-whip spiral in the Parent column of the animated sequence, hold down the shift key and drag a “connection line” to the Track Null
  7. Adjust the scale of the newly tracked in layer to make it more easily visible
  8. Hand Track the finger of the model to position the animated sequence
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