PROJECT01, Part 1



Part 1


1. Download the following Maya 2016 Project File Chandelier Project

2. In Maya, File > Set Project… to the downloaded file.

3. In the scenes directory, there is a PROJECT02 file. You will start with this.




Light the chandelier.

At the beginning of the scene, the chandelier will have all of its lights on
By the end of the scene, the chandelier’s lights should all flicker off.

At no point in the sequence should there be a wide area of black (RGB 0,0,0) pixels
You should not be using any light type or practice (FG, GI, etc) that we have not covered in class
You should not be animating geometry or tweaking shaders.

Initial renders will be on 10’s (10-100×10).

Your frames render times should not exceed 2.5 minutes a frame.
A render of 10 frames should take no more than 30 minutes.

10 frames due Tuesday, 2/9/16



Render Settings

1. To first set up a batch render, select Render > Render Settings… and set the following

A. You will render using mental ray

B. Your image prefix name will be your name (adamm)

C. Your image format will be OpenEXR

D. Your Frame/Animation ext. will be name.#.ext

E. You will use a frame padding of 4

F. Your Start frame will be 10

G. Your End frame will be 100

H. You will check Renumber frames

I. Your Renderable Camera is the renderCam

J. You will render a 950×540 image

Render Settings

2. After Render Settings have been set, to kick off a batch render select Render > Batch Render. To monitor progress, click on the Script Editor in the lower right corner of Maya




Windows > General Editors > Attribute Spreadsheet allows you to quickly change the parameters of whatever you have selected (intensity, color, etc.)

Because we are animating lights and also rendering on 10’s, think to strategically place varying intensities on the frames that will be rendered.

Save in versions. Iterate.



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