Intro to Premiere






Setting Up A New Project

  1. Launch Premiere
  2. Premiere startup screen
    1. New Project
  3. New Project dialog
    1. Name: test1
    2. /Users/Adam/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro/9.0
    3. General Tab
      1. Video
        1. Display Format: Frames
      2. Audio
        1. Display Format: Audio Samples
    4. Display the project item name and label color for all instances
  4. Import clips by either right-clicking (Mac: Control Clicking) in the lower-right hand Project panel and selecting ‘Import’, or double double-clicking in the Project panel
    1. If the clip is a sequence of images, check the ‘Image Sequence’ checkbox in the dialog
  5. Once a clip is in Project panel, you can drag and drop or double-click to move it into the Source monitor
    1. Keystrokes
        1. i mark in point
        2. o mark out point
        3. j/k/l reverse/pause/forward
        4. jk slow reverse
        5. kl slow forward
        6. spacebar play pause
        7. option+k (Mac) play
          from in point to out point
        8. control+shift+spacebar (PC)
          play from in point to out point
        9. command+u (Mac) create subclip


        1. control+u (PC) create subclip
        2. \ frame clip in timeline
        3. up/down arrows move to beginning/end of clip in timeline
        4. shift+scrub magnetic pull to beginning/end of clip in timeline
        5. , (comma) insert into timeline
        6. (apostrophe) extract from timeline
        7. ; (semicolon) lift section from timeline
        8. b ripple edit
        9. n roll edit
    2. GUI
      1. zoom in/zoom out
      2. audio waveform
      3. scroll wheel



Adobe’s Premiere keyboard shortcuts



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