PROJECT03 Deliverable

Using the latest version of footage that will be concurrently under development, edit together a minimum 20 second promotional video for ART202 (no maximum length).

The deliverable should employ a unifying, buoyant audio track. The sound and image should sync together well.

The video image should be split-screen throughout the duration of the video, employing both a quad split screen (4 images at once) and a split (2 images at once) screen. The opening titles and end credits are not required to use a split screen.

The opening titles should be 2 seconds in duration. The end credits should be 3 seconds in duration.

Every member of the cohort should have their work represented in the video for at least one second in duration.

PROJECT02 Finishing– everyone has some degree of PROJECT02 work to complete. Once completed and signed off as final, this work will feed the edits of everyone else in the cohort.




5 week project, final due May 11th (last day of class)

April 27th WIP check-in
April 27th PROJECT02 refinements completed
May 11th Final due



PROJECT03 Audio Footage

Audio can be acquired from the usual places listed below, or from your own library.



PROJECT03 Video Footage



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