RGB Mattes Setup

Maya Create 3 new Surface Shaders. Assign one primary color to each shader and rename accordingly MatteRed, MatteGreen, and MatteBlue Create a new render layer, and name it something appropriate (RGBMatte_layer, for example) In that layer assign the Surface Shaders to a parts of the geometry that you wish to affect in 2D Render out…

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    PROJECT03 Deliverable Using the latest version of footage that will be concurrently under development, edit together a minimum 20 second promotional video for ART202 (no maximum length). The deliverable should employ a unifying, buoyant audio track. The sound and image should sync together well. The video image should be split-screen throughout the duration…

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Week 9: Depth of Field and Catching Up

Overview of Depth of Field     Lighting Terms     Catching Up Due Tuesday, 3/15 Dining Room Scene with Light Rays rendered on 10’s Dorm Room Scene with Rack Focus rendered on 1’s, 10 frames     Depth of Field   Concepts Foreground in Focus Background in Focus

Week 8: Cheating

Light the following scene through camera1, with direct, Physical Sun and Sky light illuminating the desktop where the desk lamps and books sit. The Physical Sun and Sky light alone will not provide sufficient lighting for the scene. Cheat the scene by adding lights, adjusting Global Illumination and/or Final Gather. The books sitting at the…

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Week 7: Portal Light

Use this shader to create a portal that allows light to pour in from a bright exterior to a darker interior. In mental ray for Maya rendering, difficulties may arise when final gather and/or photons are used in a scene where there is no direct lighting and all light is indirect light – any over-smoothing…

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